Prem by Snatam Kaur Khalsa

A Chant Album from the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs to experience Love. Prem means the experience of love, deep love. It is the love that you have the … Read more
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A Chant Album from the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs to experience Love.
Prem means the experience of love, deep love. It is the love that you have the courage and wisdom to feel in yourself for yourself, it is the love that God feels for you.
We project ourselves through every moment of time and space whether it is through sounds, thoughts, or feelings. The gift of every human being is to truly express the soul through the intelligence of the mind and body. In order to project the reality of the honest self, the soul, Yogi Bhajan has taught the science of Naad Yoga. Naad means sound current. It is the primal sound that connects the basic elements of the physical body to the etheric elements of the soul. Naad Yoga uses sacred mantras from the writings of the Sikh Gurus in the beautiful poetic language of Gurumukhi. These mantras are traditionally practiced with a straight spine, in a meditative posture. As the mantras are sung the energy of the sound current creates a channel of healing energy through the spinal chord and out the top of the head. In yogic practice we call this the turning of the lotus. Through Naad Yoga the Kundalini energy rises from the base of the spine to the top of the head. At this time the lotus flower turns upside down and rains nectar down upon the yogi. In spiritual terms the sweetness of angels caresses each and every cell.
Often times people tell me, " I don'€™t have a good voice, I can'€™t sing." I tell them that the very sound of your voice is what will heal you if you just allow it to be you. By practicing Naad Yoga we can obtain the experience of heaven on earth in our own body. This experience will in turn bring light to the rest of your life simply by the natural flow of energy that you have created within yourself. Prem is my new album that is created so that anyone can take it, listen to it, chant with it, and be with it. It is called Prem because in the beautiful process of figuring out which mantras to do, creating the tunes, and bringing them to the studio it gave me a deep sense of self love and healing. May it also bring self-love and healing into your life.

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