The term Sadhana means daily practice; it is a practice in self discipline that enables one to express the infinite within one’s self.

It is a self discipline by which we energise and balance the body and clear the mind and the subconscious. It is generally practiced between the hours of 4am – 7am during the Ambrosial Hours.  To exercise before sunrise is important because of the angle of the sun to the earth which is very good for meditation.

Sadhana is a kbjpr of self grit and refines and develops the characteristics of our consciousness as human beings. Sadhana benefits us by:
- Burning off old patterns and cleaning out the subconscious
- Lessons the impact of our egos
- Refines our awareness and caliber
- Teaches us discipline
- Gives us consistency, commitment and more stability in our day to day lives.

You can choose a Sadhana that suits you or ask your teacher to choose one for you. Start small if you are just beginning or are new to yoga, even if you just do 3 minutes per day for 40 days. Commit to that, that is a start and slowly increase the time as you feel you are ready.

A lot of CD’s have mantras that can be used in meditation for Sadhana.

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